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Boda driver looking for clients in Kampala, Uganda

Boda driver looking for clients in Kampala, Uganda.

As a storyteller based in Kampala, Uganda, my goal is to show you a different side of the African continent. To abandon the single story that is so overly represented in western media and of which the dangers Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie has long warned us. I want to focus on the positive events happening on the continent, without ignoring the complex reality, but merely to present a more complete picture.

→ Freelance journalist with over 3 years experience

→ Published work on multiple Belgian and international platforms

→ Based in Kampala, Uganda

→ Interest in minority rights, decolonisation and environmental justice 

→ Ongoing collaborations with local creatives 

latest posts

  • How A Gracious Bird Taught Me A Lesson In Patience
    Bunyonyi literally means ‘place of many little birds’, and everyone who has ever visited this lake in the southwest of Uganda, knows that that is not an exaggeration. From kingfishers who dive with their beaks straight down in the water, to the hamerkops waiting patiently on the riverbanks, to the gracious national pride of Uganda, the crested crane. The latter — also known as the grey crowned cranes — are every bit as majestic as their name suggests, with their crown of stiff golden feathers, grey bodies resting on long, thin legs, white wings with golden-brown feathers, light blue eyes and bright red gular sacs under their chins.


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