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A vicious cycle’: Aid, homophobia, and belonging, through the eyes of three gay men in Uganda

From police raids, to jail sentences, and to having their faces plastered all over national television, these men tell us the future they envision for LGBTQ+ people in Uganda and what Pride means to them.

Picture by Anthony Atiko

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“What’s a Gay?” and Other Ugandan Sexuality Questions

When I went back to my conversation with my friend, I noticed his attitude had changed. It came out that he was jealous because I was “flirting” with another guy. I laughed and said: “You know that guy is gay right?”  His facial expression revealed that he had no idea what I was talking about. “What’s a gay?”

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Hoe het bijbouwen van gevangenissen voor meer criminaliteit zorgt

Al sinds de jaren ’90 is er in België sprake van een aanhoudende overbevolking in de gevangenissen. Om dit op te lossen worden er steeds meer gevangenissen bijgebouwd. Ook de huidige regering heeft besloten om gevangenissen bij te bouwen en uit te breiden, met onder andere het nieuwe gevangeniscomplex in Haren. Lost dit echter wel iets op?

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To Fly or Not to Fly? Let’s Talk Responsible Tourism!

Sustainable seems to be the buzzword of the last decade; put it in front of anything and you will convince people to buy your products or donate to your NGO. From tampons to energy resources to tourism and development, everything needs to be sustainable. With the ecological issues we are facing today, the emphasis on environmental sustainability is of course very necessary, yet as it goes with buzzwords, sometimes we seem to be losing track of what is actually meant by it.

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Eén week geen afval produceren. Ik probeerde het.

De gemiddelde Vlaming produceert bijna 500 kilo afval per jaar. Elke kilogram afval die we produceren, moeten we natuurlijk ook verwerken. Of nog beter: gewoon minder afval produceren. Redactrice Mari las over mensen die slechts één bokaal afval per jaar produceren, en dacht: hoe doe je dat in hemelsnaam? De beste manier om daarachter te komen, is het zelf eens te proberen.

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